Colors for your braces!

After writing so many “serious” articles in a row, it is time to lighten things up a bit. Let’s talk about the color choices for your braces! Once your braces are placed, kids and adults are usually very extremely excited to maketumblr_inline_mo2m7d6mx11rgkf2p their first color selection. After all, it is an extremely important decision- this is what the world is going to first notice when they see you in braces! Colors can also be switched at every appointment with us, so if you are ready for a change, it won’t be long before you create a new look. Dr. Dan is a kid at heart, and he usually get just as excited about patients’ color selections as they do.

colored-bands-for-bracesThe colored part of braces are actually called elastomeric ligatures, and these “ties” are what attaches the removable wire to the metal or clear ceramic brackets that are bonded to your teeth. At Meadows Orthodontics we have over 30 different colors to choose from. From the basic ROYGBIV, black and white, to everything in between, there are literally thousands of color combinations that you can create. We even offer neon colors, and ties that glow in the dark!

Here are some fun and interesting ideas and observations about this all important decision. The colors that we order the most due to their popularity include hot pink, black, lime green and navy blue. Popular color combinations are very dependent on the season. In the fall, Broncos blue, orange and white is very popular. Others seasonal combinations include black and orange at Halloween, green and red for Christmas in December, a mix of greens for St Patrick’s Day in March, and Red White and Blue for the 4th of July.

Clear ties are the most popular for patients who have clear ceramic braces, although they also look great and unique with colors on them also. If you want a bolder look we can use many bright colors to create a “rainbow” appearance, or choose all five neon colors for what we call “Neon Deon”. If you want to earn some brownie points with Dr. Dan, choose maize (yellow) and blue for my team, the Michigan Wolverines, and yell GO BLUE! All year long kids wear the colors for their school or club sports teams, in addition to their favorite college and professional sports teams. CV, DC, Dolphins, Warriors, CRMS, Aspen View, American Academy, Air Force, CU, CSU, Nebraska, Oregon, the Avs., Rockies and Nuggets colors are all choices that we send kids happily away with. Dr Dan and hBLUE_Ligaturesis staff love to help getting your selection just right. The only exception? Absolutely no Scarlet (red) and gray allowed!

Dr. Dan’s favorite? Simple sky/baby blue looks great on metal or clear ceramic braces. Whatever your tastes are with color, let your imagination run wild and have some fun with your time in braces!


Dr Dan Rejman is the owner of Meadows Orthodontics in Castle Rock, CO. A resident of Castle Rock, he loves art, design, and making things (especially teeth) look amazing! He has been selected by his peers a 5280 Top Orthodontist in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.