Common Misconceptions about Braces and Invisalign (Part 1)

Everyday at Meadows Orthodontics, we explain to our patients how braces and Invisalign work. There are a number of common misconceptions that keep coming up, so I thought I would write an article with a list that addresses these issues.

  1. “As an adult, I am too old to get my teeth straight, or my bite fixed”.  This is not the case! There are a number of skeletal issues that are best treated as child, but most tooth alignment issues can be treated fully, or significantly improved as an adult. In fact, over 20% of our new patients are over 30 years old!
  2. abo logo“All orthodontists are Board Certified, right?”  Absolutely not! In fact, just over one in three are Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). Dr Rejman is one of the few Orthodontists that are board certified in Douglas County. Finding a board certified orthodontist helps to ensure they are committed to the very highest standards of the profession. To learn more, visit, which includes a list of board certified orthodontists when you enter your zip code.
  3. “Braces are so expensive that I cannot afford them”. We understand the that this may be the thought when considering braces or Invisalign, but we offer fantastic, interest free, in house financing to get that smile you have been wanting. We also participate with most insurances, which combined with flex and HSA plans can reduce fees by over half!
  4. “I had braces, then when my wisdom teeth erupted, they caused misalignment of my front teeth”.  This is one that I hear all the time.  Research has shown that wisdom teeth DO NOT push the teeth in front of them forward and cause crowding. In fact, even if you never had braces, teeth tend to crowd as you age (especially the lower teeth).  Teens also tend to stop wearing retainers around college age as they get out of site from their parents- this coincides with the age that wisdom teeth normally try to erupt. It is the lack of retention that is to blame, not the wisdom teeth erupting! Which leads us to…
  5. ©Blue Moon Studio, Inc.“After several years of retainer wear, my teeth will stay straight and stable“.  Every day we let our patents know that to maintain straight teeth, retainers must be worn for life! The good news is that do not need to be worn during the day, and as you get older several nights a week of routine wear is usually adequate.
  6. “I described to my child what braces felt like when I was a kid/teen. Sorry mom or dad… your child’s treatment will be a much more comfortable and fun experience than when you has orthodontic treatment! Advanced in braces, wires, digital technology that replaces the goopy impressions of old, many fun color choices…the improvements since we were kids goes on and on. The orthodontic version of “When I was a kid, I walked uphill to school both ways!”.

Dr. Dan Rejman and his wonderful staff are setting the standard in quality and fun in Castle Rock and the surrounding areas when it comes to Braces and Invisalign. Please contact us if you have any questions.