How Much do Braces Cost?

“How much do braces cost?”, and “What does Invisalign cost?”, are questions that I am often asked at parties, my kid’s sporting events, and of course during new patient consultations. Here are a number of factors that go into deciding how much braces or Invisalign cost, along with a number of tips that you may find very helpful in budgeting and planning for braces for yourself or your family.

  • Every orthodontist is different, but I give estimates based on the complexity and difficulty of a case. This is why it we do not give quotes over the phone before a consultation and full exam. One child may need several months of treatment, while another may require over two years of treatment in braces.
  • Adult treatment in our practice is generally not more expensive than treatment for teens or children. Again, it is case by case, and many adult treatments are surprisingly short and relatively inexpensive.
  • img5Whether you have insurance or not, we offer in house, interest free financing that can spread the fee for braces or Invisalign into monthly payments over the course of your treatment. Most families are pleasantly surprised at how affordable braces are.
  • If your family has orthodontic insurance, the insurance contribution will be determined by your specific plan. The good news is that if your orthodontist participates with your insurance provider, your fee will be substantially reduced. It is important to ask your orthodontist if they participate (if they are a provider) with your insurance. We all accept insurances, but if we are a provider for your plan, we are contracted to charge a fee that is often lower than our standard fees. Then you get the insurance contribution on top of the reduced fee. If we do not participate with your plan, we set the fee independent of the insurance company’s influence, but there is often a contribution that the insurance company will pay (although this contribution may be less than if you are seeing a participating provider). Insurance and benefits can be very confusing-please feel free to call our office manager, Julie, to answer any questions that you may have!
  • Take full advantage of Health Savings Accounts  (HSA’s) or Flex Spending programs. In addition to Insurance benefits, utilizing these plans can save an additional 20-30%! Timing is often important in setting aside funds for these programs, and we will work with you to make sure you take full advantage of this often overlooked area for savings.
  • Whenever possible, Dr. Dan prefers to treat in one comprehensive phase of braces. If your child needs early treatment, and will need two phases of braces, we will set out a financial game plan for the entirety of treatment immediately (for everything)- we don’t like our families dealing with surprises.
  • Invisalign has advantages and disadvantages compared to braces. In general it tends cost more than braces, but each case is different, and we try to keep prices comparable.
  • Please do not feel shy about discussing any financial concerns with us. We are a private, locally owned practice, and we really want to make the experience of getting a new smile enjoyable and stress-free. Dr. Dan and Julie will make you feel comfortable, and will answer any questions you have!

Dr. Dan Rejman is a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist and Castle Rock, CO. local. He has the best office manager in the world (his wife, Julie!), who will answer any of your financial questions regarding braces, clear braces, or Invisalign.