Meet Dr. Rejman and Team

The best orthodontics care in Castle RockI have always been impressed that so many of my patients, and parents of my patients, take the time to read my bio before starting treatment at my practice. I believe it shows that people really are interested in what type of person will be providing their orthodontic care. I understand that orthodontics is an important  investment and that you will be seeing a lot of me when treatment gets started. I hope this short bio is helpful in getting to know a bit more about me, both professionally and personally.

I was raised on a large dairy farm in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. My grandfather started our farm during the Great Depression, my father continued its growth, and my two brothers currently run the farm along with my Dad. Throughout most of my childhood we raised about 500 -1200 cows (which has since grown to about 4500!), and it was an amazing way to be raised. Caring for animals every day is difficult but rewarding, and it certainly taught me the value of hard work and empathy.

I loved many things about the way I grew up, but as anyone who was raised on a farm will tell you, you just know if it is your calling or not. Although I returned to our farm after graduating from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 1992, I wanted to pursue a career that involved my interest in science, and my skills in art and design. Ever since I can remember I was drawing and creating in my free time. Along with the sciences, I studied studio art extensively at Hobart, which helped develop my sense of composition, design and color theory. I applied to Parson’s School of Design in New York City, was accepted, and continued to study art and design. It was at this time that I discovered the career that uses both science and art…Dentistry! I worked as a dental assistant as my wife and I finished our time in New York City (she was getting her Masters in social work), and was accepted into the School of Dentistry at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Michigan was an amazing experience, and I became fascinated with the specialty of orthodontics (see Dr Rejman’s academic accomplishments). I graduated in 2003, and earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery. I then attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI for my residency in orthodontics. I graduated and earned my Masters in Orthodontics 2007, and have been a practicing orthodontic specialist since. I have been Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics since 2007, and recently was re-examined and re- certified in the spring of 2013. I am a strong advocate of maintaining board certification both for my own development, and for the level of detail and quality that it demands of me to pass on to my patients. I am currently the only Board Certified orthodontist in Castle Rock and Castle Pines.

Since opening my practice in Castle Rock, I have made it a goal to offer an orthodontic practice where local families can get a refreshing, open and honest opinion regarding their children’s (and their own) orthodontic needs. They are often surprised to hear me say that orthodontic care often is not needed- especially at young ages. I am zealous about finishing my patients with the most amazing and healthy smile possible, but only when the time is right in their development- not for my practice, but for the patient. This saves time in treatment, is healthier for their teeth, and often offers substantial savings for families.

Dr Dan Rejman

Personally, I am married to my high school sweetheart, Julie. She is also from rural upstate New York, and we chose to live in Castle Rock for its small town feel and sense of community that we love. We have four children: Caroline, Peter, Vivian and Nina, who all attend school here in Castle Rock.  We adopted three of our children from Russia and China, and the adoption experience and travel to these two countries has positively transformed our lives, and made us aware of just how lucky we are!

I remain heavily involved in the arts, oil painting whenever I can (especially local and agricultural landscapes). We encourage our patients to be creative, and we love displaying their artwork on our walls. I am an avid mountain biker, skier, and like to golf whenever I can. I also love cooking- I read cookbooks like novels and am a total foodie (the scale says a bit too much of one!). Most importantly, I get to use my skills and passions to do something I love.  Orthodontics is an art, and I am lucky to be practicing and serving our community here in Castle Rock!


Julie – Office Manager

Julie is Dr. Rejman’s wife and the Office Manager of Meadows Orthodontics.  She prides herself on providing excellent customer service and greeting patients with a warm smile at each appointment.  “It is the absolute priority of our family business to provide old-fashioned customer care.”  Julie obtained her Masters degree from Columbia University and has spent the last 20 years of her professional career working as a private school administrator, teacher and counselor.  She and Dr. Dan have four children and have lived in The Meadows in Castle Rock since 2009.  She loves photography, traveling, singing and is passionate about adoption (three of their children are adopted).

Annie – Treatment Coordinator

Annie has worked in dentistry for many years as well, and is very excited to be the Treatment Coordinator at Meadows Orthodontics.  Annie has worked “in the mouth” and is a talented former orthodontic assistant, but is very excited to be getting to know our new families when they visit!  Annie is very knowledgeable about orthodontic treatment and can answer all of your questions during your time with us.

Annette – Front Office 

Annette has been at the front office in orthodontic offices for 19 years!  She is the devoted mother of four children and grandmother of 14!  She lives in the Black Forest and we’re delighted to have her greeting our wonderful patients and parents each day.

Kati – Front Office

Kati has worked in orthodontics prior to coming to Meadows Orthodontics and now brings her warmth and knowledge to us!  Kati is responsible for getting every consult ready prior to our families coming in- a very big job!  We’re so grateful that Kati is on our front office team!

Suzanne – Front Office

We are so happy to have Suzanne in our front office!  Suzanne has worked in customer service and medical billing and returned to the work force after staying at home with her children for several years.  Suzanne loves to volunteer and is very active in the community.  She will probably be a familiar face when you arrive!

Becky- Lead Orthodontic Technician

Becky has many years of experience working in the mouth as an orthodontic technician and relocated to Castle Rock from Seattle, Washington.  You will likely know who Becky is before you learn her name because her humor and funny stories make the entire treatment area laugh all day!

Orthodontic Technicians:

Sammy, Jill, Faith, Trish, Nadia and Gabby

We have wonderful technicians, many of whom have been in orthodontics for years and years!  Our technicians often have to have the same technical skills as our orthodontist as they assist him with every patient he has.  Although Dr. Rejman sees every patient who walks in our doors – every time – he relies on our assistants to seat and make our patients comfortable prior to working on their braces/aligners.  Our assistants have a wealth of knowledge so you can rely on them to answer your questions and help you through treatment.

Steph H. – Financial Coordinator

Stephanie joined our team in 2015 and has extensive experience in financials.  Stephanie loves her job so much that she commutes from Conifer to do it!  Stephanie oversees our patient and insurance ledgers.  She is married and has two beautiful girls!

 Stephanie R. – Insurance Assistant, Front Office, Orthodontic Technician

Stephanie R. has worked in dentistry and orthodontics for over 20 years.  She has enjoyed transitioning from the back treatment area to our front office and spends most of her time working with orthodontic insurance companies for our patients.  She is married, has two children and resides is Elizabeth, Colorado.

Sharon – Closed Office Coordinator, Financial Team

You’ll be hard pressed to find a harder worker member of our team!  Sharon stays at our closed office two days per week so that parents can make payments or pick up extra rubber bands.  She also works hard to make our office perfect so we are patient ready when we show up to our alternate office.  She is on our financial team and helps with ledgers and insurance as well!  We are so happy to have Sharon on our team!