Not Just Braces at Meadows Orthodontics!

One of the fun things that we do at Meadows Orthodontics is to give our new patients the option to fill out a “fun” questionnaire. It is a list of their favorite things and interesting facts about themselves that they would like to share. Over the years it has provided a lot of laughs, topics for our staff to talk with them about (beats talking about the weather!), and often teaches parents a few things about their own kids! An example was our question, “What is your favorite band or singer?”, where a six year girl old wrote “Metallica”. Their mother laughed and had no idea she was picking up on the music that her father likes. The most common response? Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons by far. Also surprising is that “sushi” is the most common response to “What is your favorite food?” for kids! We have found out that youngsters want to be very specific things when they grow up, like equine veterinarians, F-22 pilots, Denver Broncos, brain surgeons, and motocross racers (the ones that want to be an orthodontist get brownie points!).

We have had kids perform unique talents that make the whole room laugh, including talking clearly with their mouth closed (amazing), bending their double jointed thumbs in weird directions, making TWO rolls with their tongues at one time, making their eyebrows do a caterpillar, yodeling, turkey calls, all sorts of dance moves, making their hand spin over 600 degrees around, the old arm pit sound effects (parents are always so proud when their kids break that out!)… it goes on and on. Yes, it’s an episode of David Letterman’s stupid human tricks here most every day. Most common favorite TV show? That would be Friends and The Office. We have learned that in our patient family we have a cup stacking champion, competitive archers, an opera singer, a competitive barbershop quartet member, a recently crowned (or belted?- mixed martial arts) MMA champion, multiple state champion cheerleaders (yay CV!), several small business entrepreneurs under 15 years of age (wow!), young rodeo riders, and a Rubik’s Cube competitor.

The other day, one of my assistants asked if I had filled out one of these forms. After all this time I actually hadn’t, so here it goes. I’m certainly not as interesting as some of the people above, but I’ll try!

What is your favorite sport to play or activity? I love to ski, mountain bike, and golf. This year I started snowmobiling to backcountry ski.

What is your favorite sport to watch? College football and basketball. My favorite teams are the Michigan Wolverines, and the Syracuse Orange. I also make it a point to watch the lacrosse final four every spring.

Do you play an instrument? I love music but unfortunately I am sadly unmusical myself! And I am an awful singer☹

What is your favorite food? So many here! Pizza, Pho, Indian cuisine, Cornell chicken, and beef on weck. Those last two are Upstate New York specialties- ask me for the recipes!

What do you want to be when you get older? I LOVE what I do, but if I had to choose an alternate I’d go with a chef.

What is your favorite band or singer? Kenny Chesney, George Straight, the Pixies, Motley Crue, New Order and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also Taylor Swift, and Bieber’s last album (just being real here).

What are some interesting places you have been? Russia and China (where we adopted three of our children), Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Anguilla and Hong Kong.

What is your favorite TV shows and movies? Movies- Step Brothers, Dunkirk, and we have a tradition to watch Love Actually every Christmas Eve. TV shows- The Office, American Chopper, Frazier and Chopped. When it is on I cant stop watching poker or curling, even though I don’t play either (is that weird?).

What are some interesting things about you? I was a dairy farmer until my mid 20’s, I have delivered hundreds of calves, I like to oil paint and cook, and I once biked from Florida to Canada in 12 days (almost-I flipped my bike in northern Pennsylvania, broke my wrist, and rode patches of the last leg in a cast!). I love boxers (I have had four: Gumby, Hank, Stanley and Nora), once had a 24 pound cat, have a large collection of ball caps (the camo hat from 105 West is my favorite), and cant stand raw onions, mushrooms and walnuts. This is kind of fun so I’ll keep going… I have bungee jumped in Whistler (terrifying!), I can waterski barefoot, have had Thanksgiving dinner with Jennifer Garner, was part of the world’s longest swim relay, and I had poison ivy that covered over 90% of my body on our entire honeymoon in Alsace, France. Also, my staff finds it is funny that I think “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys is the best song ever. It really is.

Well, there you go. One of the great things about being an orthodontist in Castle Rock is getting to know all types of people. And if you have a stupid human trick, feel free to stop in and share it with us!