Our Talented and Artistic Patients at Meadows Orthodontics

Soon after I opened Meadows Orthodontics in Castle Rock, my wife, Julie, came up with fantastic idea. We had always stressed the artistic side of orthodontics, and its importance in creating the most  aesthetic results possible for our patients. We had decorated our office with my oil paintings to let patients know that art has always been a major part of my life, and that there isn’t a minute of my workday that I am not putting to use my training in the arts towards my work as an orthodontist. But there was something missing. I heard from so many of our young patients that they too had an interest in drawing and painting.

My wife suggested that we offer to supply a canvas, paints, and brushes to each patients that starts with us, and invite them to make a painting that we would hang on a wall in our practice to go along with my paintings. I was expecting to get 20 or 30 a year from our patients, but boy did I underestimate the response. The original wall we had set aside was soon full, so we opened the largest wall in our treatment area to display the all the amazing paintings that our patients were creating…and soon that wall filled up. So started to fill the walls of our game room!

Kids that had just started braces painted pictures of their favorite football teams, hockey teams, their pets, landscapes, Harry Potter characters, Dr, Who, Sponge Bob, Nemo, ballerinas, landscapes, dinosaurs, parents college mascots and logos, rainbows, unicorns, abstract art, family portraits, and much more! In addition to the acrylic paints that we supplied, they used oils, crayons, melted crayons, charcoal, sequins, feathers, glue, popsicle sticks, stones…

I certainly think my patients benefit greatly from the artistry that I introduce into their smiles, but it has been amazing how much they have given back to me and my staff. Many times every day, while I have time to look around for few moments, I see something new, inspiring, or just really cute in all the hundreds of paintings that are on the walls from our patients. It is also really nice to see parents that are sitting with their children checking out all the art work and smiling spontaneously when they see something that makes them happy.  Hundreds of children have also looked in pride at their artwork that is on display in a place where hundreds of other people get to view their work.  Many pieces have been given back to families as their children finish their time with us and leave with new smiles. Other paintings we just cant seem to part with, and have been on our walls since the first few months that we opened!

Early last year we opened our second office in Castle Rock near the Founders, and we have continued our tradition there also. The paintings are multiplying, walls are filling fast, and I am always amazed at our patients creativity and talent on a daily basis. Stop by anytime and take a look.


Dr. Dan Rejman is the owner of Meadows Orthodontics. Before his years of study in dental school and orthodontic specialty training, he studied studio arts in composition, color theory, drawing, painting and drafting.