Pumpkins With Braces On Their Teeth?


Its that time of the year again! We really like holidays at Meadows Orthodontics-it gives us a chance to decorate the office and have some fun. Current patients also know that I do several pumpkin carvings every year that are really popular with the kids (and parents too!). I have carved a variety of characters over the years, including Yoda, Star Wars character Watto (the one with the wings), monsters from my imagination, and various characters with braces on their teeth. I use clay carving tools to sculpt the pumpkins and it takes me anywhere from 2-5 hours to finish the project.

We display them at the Founders and Meadows offices…for only a few days. Unfortunately once the carving starts, they start to dehydrate and shrivel away! Yes, I gave tried everything from spraying with water, vaseline,  a bleach spray… nothing seems to slow down the process. I guess that is part of what makes them spacial and so seasonal. Here are some past pumpkins that I have carved, and keep an eye out for the new ones for this year!


Dr. Dan Rejman is a board certified orthodontic specialist (braces and invisalign), and is the owner of Meadows Orthodontics in Castle Rock, Colorado. He and his great staff have been creating beautiful smiles for the children and adults of the Castle Rock area for years!