Orthodontic Emergencies – Castle Rock, CO

Providing Help When You Need It the Most

The inside of your mouth is a busy place! Although we use the most up-to-date adhesives and materials available, the repetitive chewing forces that are placed on your braces thousands of times a day can add up. If something comes loose, or is causing a pokey irritation, please call our team at Meadows Orthodontics as soon as you can. We will set up a time to get things fixed up. If you are on a trip and can’t make it to our office, we will give you the proper guidance to get you through until you can make it back to see us.

Why Choose Meadows Orthodontics for Orthodontic Emergencies?

  • Two Convenient Orthodontic Office Locations
  • Open Full-time, One Evening, One Friday and Saturday per Month
  • Compassionate, Board Certified Orthodontist

General Soreness and Irritation

After starting orthodontic treatment, getting your appliance adjusted, or switching to a new set of Invisalign aligners, it’s common to feel some pressure in your teeth and gums. This is actually a sign that your treatment is working! While the discomfort should subside after a few days, if it does not resolve please contact us for guidance. Unresolved pain or swelling can be a sign other dental or periodontal issues.

Broken Bracket

A bracket coming off is the most common issue with braces that patients experience. Some patients never have a bracket come loose, while others have this occur several times during treatment. It is important to understand that the adhesives have been perfected after years of development and clinical usage. The adhesives are designed to release when the pressure on the braces becomes too strong (or from weaker repetitive forces such as gum chewing) and would otherwise tear the enamel off the wall of teeth. Braces coming loose is actually protecting your teeth! Please call our office to schedule an appointment to have the bracket re-applied. We will also help families identify what in their diets or chewing habits may be causing breakage if it occurs multiple times.

Protruding Wire

Sometimes, the end of an arch wire comes out of place, causing it to poke the inside of your cheek. You can use the eraser end of a pencil or a Q-tip to carefully adjust the sharp end of the wire so that it is no longer hurting you. It may also help to put dental wax over it. If that does not help, give us a call so that Dr. Rejman can either reposition the wire or cut off the offending end.

Lost or Broken Retainer

Actual Patients

Losing or breaking a retainer is more common than you might think, especially with younger patients! If the retainer was misplaced, just tell us and our team can make you a new one. However, if the retainer is damaged, do NOT try to fix it by yourself; we can handle it! Remember – dogs and cats love to chew retainers! Please call us immediately to schedule an appointment to get a retainer replacement.

Object Stuck in Braces

If a piece of food or some other object gets caught in your braces, you should first rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Then, use dental floss or an interdental brush to try to gently dislodge the object. If the item is still trapped, then give us a call so that we can safely remove it.