What happens the day that you get your braces off?

November 12, 2019

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The day has arrived that you will have your braces removed at Meadows Orthodontics…how exiting! Kids and adults alike appreciate knowing what is in store for them on this big day. Here are some things to expect.

Our entire office is involved on this day to make it a celebration! Our entire staff is happy on this day also, as our combined efforts have paid off, and we all get to the the beautiful results! We have many surprises planned for this day (I guess not so much of a surprise if you are reading this :). After your braces are removed, we give you the option of taking pictures with us, complete with confetti, and fun get-up (sunglasses, etc…)if you wish. We have bubbles to run through, and give you some special chewy, crunchy treats (that you were supposed to avoid during braces!).

As far as sensitivity is concerned, everybody is different. The vast majority of people have very little sensitivity while we removed the braces and “cement” that held them on. Some people do have very sensitive teeth, and they are usually well aware of this, as they have been sensitive to cold water, ice cream, etc… for most of their lives. We are very sensitive to this, and we take as many pauses and breaks as needed to get them all polished up and shiny in the most comfortable way.

Believe it or not, we have a number of kids who are sad to have their braces removed, as they have enjoyed using them and the colored elastics as “accessories” to their outfits! However, most people are thrilled to have them removed and to be “free” again. The most common description we hear when braces are first removed is, “My teeth feel so slippery, or slimy”. This is because the  new glassy smooth surface of the teeth feels so different than the braces that were previously there.

After they are all polished up, we take a final panoramic image to check root health, wisdom teeth, etc. I always recommend that they see their dentist soon after the braces are removed for a cleaning and a cavity check. Some patients choose to ask their dentist about whitening options at this point, for an even more eye catching smile. We also fit retainers, and review how important it is to regularly wear them at night. The great thing is that the retainers do NOT need to be worn during the day after braces are removed, like when I was younger.  All in all, it is such a happy and exciting day all around!


Dan Rejman, DDS, MS, is an orthodontic specialist with two offices in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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