An update on COVID-19 procedures for late summer/fall 2020 at Meadows Orthodontics

July 11, 2020

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We are now about four months into the new COVID-19 “era”, and I wanted to give our patient family an update on where we stand and what the foreseeable future may look like here at Meadows Orthodontics.

First off, I would like to thank all of our patients and parents for being so nice and understanding during all the changes we have made. We have settled into a nice grove with all the protective measure we have taken, and I really appreciate the community’s response to these changes. Our staff and patients have remained incredibly healthy, and this is undoubtedly in large part to everyone doing their part to protect one another. We are working on mouths and teeth, but we are so tuned into barriers and protective measures that we can all be proud of our amazing and healthy track record (I am knocking on wood as I type this!).

Heading into the late summer and fall, we will continue with the same screening protocols that we have been using for the last several months, including several questions and a touchless forehead temperature reading before entering the office. Our screener, Kelyn, has done a great job, and has kept things flowing really well.

We will still have several parking spaces reserved at our offices, and will continue to ask that our patients to stay in their cars and call us to let us know that you have arrived, and are ready for our screener to come out to greet you.

We are still asking that only the patient enters the office for their appointment, which considerably reduces the concentration of people in our office, both in the waiting room and in the treatment area. Of course, we will continue to make exceptions and welcome a parent who wishes to accompany a young or anxious child, or for new patient exams. We are asking anyone who enters to wear a facemask, so please be sure to bring one with you to your appointment.

Some exciting news…we will be opening the Founders office back up in late July! We have had this office closed to help keep our PPE together at the Meadows when it was in short supply, but now that supplies are much more plentiful, we are ready to return to a more pre-COVID schedule where we are open at both locations full time. Just a reminder to read your confirmation texts carefully again to head to the correct office!

The above will be our standard protocol until there are recommended changes by the CDC, ADA, and the state. Things that will NOT change will be our strict attention to cleanliness, PPE, sterilization, and hand sanitation and washing. In addition, we have voluntarily added multi level hospital grade air filters in both offices that recently arrived from Surgically Clean Air. This will provide unsurpassed air filtration and purification in the offices to raise the level of protection for our patients and staff.

We have replaced our sink faucet handles with touchless, motion activation to increase cleanliness and reduce cross-contamination. You have probably noticed the portable room dividers between all of our chairs in what was formally a full open-bay layout (that has previously been the industry standard). A contractor is currently building us wood and glass room divider walls to make this change permanent, and to provide more isolation and privacy for patients and our staff.

Thank you again for being such great patients, stay healthy, and we will see you soon!

Dr. Dan Rejman

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